Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Security Card

Dear Reader,

My honey and I finally got legally married a couple of months ago and my need for a new social security card reminded me of a funny story about my mom.  It's so sad that I lost my old social security card because it was a hilarious memento.  When I was a kid, I stumbled across my unsigned social security card which had been left on the dining table for some reason.  Having recently learned cursive at school, I eagerly and proudly signed it.  I showed my mom and she got really angry because she didn't want me to sign it until I was an adult.  So, she tore it up into little pieces.  For some reason, rather than getting me a new card, the pieces were taped back together.  Later, when I started working, I was given the card, still taped together and graced with my adorable fifth-grader's signature.  I had it laminated, which you aren't supposed to do but no one ever questioned it.  A few years ago the card was lost forever when I lost my wallet.  Now that I have a new name it's time to get a new card.  Hopefully this time I will be able to sign it without pissing anyone off.


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